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The Best of the World Wide Web - January Edition

  • Have you heard of the new app, Saucey? It's a, wait for it, alcohol delivery service that brings you booze within an hour. It's only in LA, San Diego, San Fran, and Chicago right now but it's coming to Texas soon (Dallas.)
  • The Challenges and Joys of Coparenting - Loved this article about Cat Sadler from E! on how she and her new husband, and her ex-husband and his wife, are genuine friends and collectively raising their two boys together. Their living the divorce dream for sure - if there is such a thing!
  • The Kardashians underwent the BRCA test in last night's episode. The same test that fellow celebs Angelina Jolie and yours truly underwent. It was completely unnecessary to test Kim, Kourt, and Khloe because if Kris Jenner didn't have the gene then her daughters wouldn't have the gene*. My love for the Kardashians remains though. Obviously waiting for test results makes great tv. Read about my BRCA test here.   
*The only way Kim, Kourt, and Khloe could have the gene, if Kris didn't, is via their Dad. But they made no mention of his side of the family having a history of breast or ovarian cancer, probably because it doesn't, and it would draw attention to the fact this test was unnecessary for them. 

  • Target makes great knock offs of West Elm's Mongolian lamb pillows. I know cuz I have the target versions.


  • And these aren't knock-offs per se but the Sam Edelman flats are a great alternative to the classic Chanel flat we all dream of.

And that's what I got for you guys today! Have a great week!
XO, Megan


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  1. I love when you curate the internet for me! I need those pillows but I'm afraid of too much broooooooooowsing in Target!


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