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Things I Learned from "Chelsea Does"

I spent 4 of my 48 hours this weekend watching Chelsea Does, Chelsea Handler's Netflix docuseries on drugs, marriage, Silicon Valley, and racism. Despite how pumped I was to dive in to the episodes, I'd grade the series a B overall. 

There were a lot of scenes where Chels fell flat in her attempt to be funny but overall I thought she developed compelling content, with the exception of the marriage episode. It was my least fave of the four.

Here are a few things I took away from the documentary;

Silicon valley is pronounced Sill-i-kin. Not Sill-i-kahn
What?! Since when? Are we sure!?

Khloe and Lisa Remini use and swear by an app called FaceTune, which essentially allows you to photoshop yourself before uploading pics to instagram. Leah Remini goes on to say, "I believe the world wants to see you like that." (Meaning with FaceTune's assistance.) "I don't believe the world wants to see you looking fucked up.

Per Kumar Patel (pictured above) Islamphobia, the dislike of or prejudice against Islam or Muslimsis something our country needs to overcome. As I really dive into here, we need to remember that radical jihadists are to Islam, as the KKK is to Christianity. Meaning one thing has nothing to do with the other.

Ayahuasca is a spiritually awakening drug that makes you puke and hallucinate but in a peaceful and often transformative way. (For example, Chelsea’s high involved images of her and her sister from childhood and Chelsea came away from the experience wanting to make a bigger effort to show her sister kindness and compassion.) Ayahuasca is also a drug/experience that can curb various addictions.

Upon some quick research, there are ayahuasca retreats you can visit in the states. There's this one in Elbe, Washington and this one in Kentucky. Despite never meeting a buzz that I didn’t like, I don’t know that this is something I'd be up for in this season of my life. In high school I once had a super bad high (and I can remember a few of my friends having the same experience) where we'd get TOO high, freak out, turn white like ghosts, and feel nauseas. Chelsea's experience was reminiscent of this for me. Never say never but for now I think I'm good. 

What about you guys though? Anyone ever done it? Want to try it? Did you like the series in general? Talk to me! 



  1. That's Silicon Valley, not Silicone. Silicon is what integrated circuits are made of. Silicone is what breast implants are made of. Very different materials and pronunciations. ;)

  2. Timely post: I actually just watched the 'Marriage' episode this weekend and was feeling kind of 'meh' on watching the rest of the series, but now I'm compelled to watch the other episodes. Drugs! Racism! And WTF-- FaceTune? Gotta see these now.

  3. Sooooo...I kinda want to plan a trip to Peru now! The best part of the drug episode was seeing them all laughing around the table. It def wasn't as racy as I hoped for, but love me some Chelsea no matter what!


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