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Last week I had the good fortune of taking part in a book signing at Houston's Cakewalk Style ShopDo you guys know this boutique? The New York Times included in it's 36 Hours in Houston article that came out last week. 

Oh hey girl hey!

The timing of the article and my presence at Cakewalk remind me slightly of my brother's college career and the accolades his schools (yes, that's very plural) kept winning during his tenure.

Ryan was a freshman at Indiana University the year it was rated the #1 party school in the country. His sophomore year he transferred to ASU and, (you know where this is going right), it was rated the #1 party school in the country. (Spoiler alert - This story doesn't end within a 4 year timeline.)

To be clear, I realize Cakewalk's NY Times shout out has nothing to do with me but I'm completely comfortable riding their coattails.

All my best girls.
(Candace, Sahar, Juju, &  Khole Kardashian)

Buy our books!

Us authors (front row) with Cakewalk owners Jen and Gina (obsessed with them) and Roz Pactor in the back center - also obsessed. I want to be Roz when I grow up.

I hadn't done a signing in a while and to be honest it kinda got in the way of my shopping at Cakewalk. I better get used to it though because my next book, From J to Z, is happening whether I'm ready or not. (I'm not. At all.)

Cue the tape.

Whose kid is that?

Just to be clear - this isn't out yet or anything. This was just the first copy my publisher sent me. Stay tuned though. If you haven't seen the new & improved, you can check that out for now!

Talk soon friends! 


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