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Mamas + Makers Market - This Sunday!

You have plans this weekend! 

Come see Julie and I (we're splitting a booth) where we'll be 1 of  30 local vendors selling cool ass shit. Julie will be selling her book Oops and her Greeting Card Line while I'll be slanging both From J to Z and 99 Problems.

Other reasons to come the market?

1. It's entertainment for your kiddo. Doesn't taking a day off from the humid AF park sound amazing? Bring your offspring to the air conditioned market where they can participate in crafts and face painting galore! 

2. You can meet Linda Halpin, my mom who'll be in from Milwaukee, and potentially the Mace Monster if we decide to bring her. Jury's still out if she should come or stay back with her Dad.

3. Shop Til You Drop. There are going to be super cool vendors including but not limited to Burdlife, Teddy & Bear Prints, Shop the Manor, and Cuteheads

4. Lunch. A girl has gotta eat! They'll be a food truck at the market so Bon Appetite! 

5. Hang with JuJu and I. We'll be bumping tunes from our library themed booth and there's been talk of bringing a flask of champagne but keep that on the DL.

See you guys this weekend!! 


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