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My cousin Brenna recently gifted me these really cute journals from Jcrew.

They're perfect in my newly renovated office (read about the reno here) and I've been using them for their designated purposes.

Except for this one.

That "and kept" part is a killer.

The blog journal is my favorite because I'm addicted to blogs. And crack. 

These are just A FEW of the many that I read regularly.

Pick a few and check them out.They're all vastly different, some being parenting blogs, style blogs, lifestyle blogs - the only common denominator is that they're all fantastic. 

Links:  Adored Austin | Triple Max Tons |The Daily Muse |Kendi Everyday | See Beautiful  Donuts, Dresses, & Dirt| Style & Pepper | A Blog about Love |Reagan's Blob| Sincerely Jules | Jen Loves Kev | Bleubird Vintage |Paige Budde | Brunch at Saks | My Edit

The "recipe" journal is a bit sparse, in terms of my contributions. 

Though I do have a PHENOMENAL drink recipe that you can learn about here.

Again, thank you to my cousin Brenna for the journals. Other cousins, take note. I feel like Brenna has a set an excellent example for you all to follow. (Which is to buy me gifts.)


  1. Ooooh. despite my love for electronics, I have an addiction to pen and paper. I almost went nuts in the Paper Source this weekend, but I never knew J Crew had anything like this!


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