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Houston Blogger Symposium Recap

I'm not sure how to recap the symposium. I considered sharing hundreds of my most intimate thoughts, feelings, and emotions on the experience, along with with corresponding pictures. Then came a moment of clarity where I realized most of you would probably rather stick a fork in your eye than read all that nonsense.  So now I'm just going to share a few pics with a few captions and call it a day. If there are some of you that are hungry for more (all 4 of you?!) you can check out my Greetings from TX FB page and the Symposium website itself. 

Here we go!

So here I am addressing the audience - I have no idea about what. It could have been the point during my welcome when I said "hey y'all! I just flew in from Cleveland and boy are my arms tired!"  Just kidding. I didn't say that. (I wanted to though.)

Paige Budde Photography: BLOGGER SYMPOSIUM

Here is me having a fantastic time on the "step & repeat". (P.S. Did you know this backdrop things was called a "step & repeat"? I had no idea until I tried to order one for the symposium and nothing was coming up when I googled "Hollywood thing".  This "hollywood thing/step & repeat" was right in front of the doors to the symposium room so everyone got photographed upon their entrance in.

Big Photo: Me and my sissy
From bottom, down: My mom, Davina Hirsh, Kirsten Stoddard, Paige Budde

Shot of the symposium program, designed by Kirsten Stoddard.

We had 7 tables of 12 at the symposium, each one named after my favorite bloggers. I sat at the "I SPY DIY" table so that table was the coolest.
Top Left: Adored Austin Centerpiece Top Right: Cupcakes and Cashmere Centerpiece
Bottom Left: I SPY DIY centerpiece Bottom Right: Sincerely Jules Centerpiece
Centerpieces not pictured; Kendi Everyday, The Man Repeller, and Sea of Shoes

Paige Budde Photography: BLOGGER SYMPOSIUM
 Here I am moderating the symposium's blogger panel. (Laura Mayes is to my left.) Topics we explored included but were not limited to; how to cultivate a large blog following, organizing a blogging schedule, how living in TX may (or may not) effect a blogging career, blogs serving as launching pads, blog/life balance, how to work with a brand, how to approach a brand you want to work with, blogger affiliate programs, how to "monetize that shit" and many other things.

Speaker pic!
Here are 2012's HBSYM speakers!
Paige Budde Photography: BLOGGER SYMPOSIUM
Back row, from left to right: Kelly Garcia, Julianne Agno, Meg Jones, Me, Katy Atlas, Lisa O'Neill, Alicia DiRagoFront row, from left to right: Brandi Lisenbe, Davina Hirsch, Kristina Braly

After the symposium (which took place at Hotel ZaZa) we all went down to the hotel bar. It was there Danny asked to have his picture taken with the Mucho Mucho Bueno Bueno sisters, Kelly and Brandi.  I don't know that Danny's ever ASKED to have his picture with anyone or anything before in his life?! Part of me was a little peeved because I'm sure deep down this is a sign that he wants to have a threesome with these two.

But then again, I do too. Kelly and Brandi are just that cool, you know? So how mad can I  really be?

In all seriousness, the symposium was everything I hoped it would be and more.
I'm a happy happy girl -which Paige captured here.

Paige Budde Photography: BLOGGER SYMPOSIUM

Thanks everyone for making this crazy symposium dream and vision of mine come true!

*The photography on this page was mostly taken by Paige....ha! Pun intended! There are a few pics on here that I took as well. I'm not going to go through and label which is which. Basically, if it looks like a high quality pic, Paige took it. If its looks shitty, I took it.
For more Paige Budde symposium photography, click  here.

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