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Behind the scenes...

Over the weekend Paige and her shooting assistant (a.k.a her husband) came over and did a newborn photo session with Macy.

Macy and my mom.

Now I've seen Paige get her photography on millions of times. Between working together at Rebecca Lankford, the symposium, and her taking my picture(s) - I assumed I'd seen every trick she had up her sleeve.

And then she did this shit....

What in the f-ck..

Girl is crazy.....crazy talented....but also just crazy.

I had initially wanted to come up with the "inspiration" for the shoot and have Paige proceed in my creative direction accordingly.  But then I ran outta time to come up with anything because I spent all morning watching videos on You Tube.

So we just did this....

The 'Lion King plank' pose!!!!

You can never go wrong with this classic pose! Actually, you could "go wrong" if you dropped the baby.. but you know what I mean.

Let's get all US Weekly with it - Who did it best?
(Which reminds me of when I did 'who wore it best' here.)

And now, some P.S.'s;

P.S. I've posted an actual photo from this shoot (as opposed to all these behind the scenes ones) on my Greetings from TX Facebook page in case anyone's interested.

P.P.S. On Friday, I guest posted on Kelly's blog, a cool girl I met when I attended The Lucky FABB conference.

P.P.P.S  This sweet little girl is the niece of friends of Danny and mine. Take a peek in case you're moved to help. I know we are.

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