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Weekend Picnic

Danny's sister, brother-in-law, and kids were in town this weekend from Dallas. Because the weather was amazing, and I'm always down for a picnic, our first meal together was al fresco at Hermann Park.

Danny made up a variety of sandwiches for everyone and marked them accordingly. "T" for turkey, "H" for ham, and "B" for both. Because everyone assumed the "B" stood for bologna (gross) we have an abundance of "B" sandwiches now rotting in our fridge.

Booker tried to eat all our food and was being really annoying so we tied him up to a tree where he proceeded to continuously bark at us which was even more annoying.

No picnic is complete without a little catch. Fun fact - I played varsity softball in high school. I was even going to play in college but I showed up to the first day of practice and was like "meh, I'd rather just drink and party." It's a legacy that I'm still very proud of, as are my parents.

That's a wrap!

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  1. Looks like everything (bags, booker, stroller with hopefully a baby in it) was delegated on the way out. Good job!


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