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Wearing, Working, Waiting, Wishing, Reading

WWWWR is a running series I do on this blog. Sometimes I get friends and fellow bloggers to take the floor, and days like today, when I've yet to line up anyone cooler, I take a stab at it. Please enjoy.

WORKING. I'm loving working for Cheeky Vintage. I'm working on a lot of social media related projects for them. We're going to take over the world and it's going to be awesome.

WAITING. I've been at MD Anderson last week & the week before for my regularly scheduled tests, which I passed. This is the longest stint I've gone without an "issue" - (14 months.) I win. Oh - and I just wrote a piece for MD Anderson's blog that will be published in the next few weeks. I'll let you know when it is - because self promotion is cool.

READING. Gwyneth's new cookbook is out and yesterday I read it as though it was a novel. There are definitely some recipes I'm excited to try. Also, I recently received some fun news about my book. No done deals - but fun news indeed.

WISHING. My wish is that I continue to be the queen of vintage/thrifting. I got this amazingness at The Guild Shop for ...............pause for suspense.................., $7.50. I win!!!

WEARING. I'm not the type of mom that gives advice because I really don't know what I'm doing. But I bought this this weekend and it's the bomb. I'd never seen these shopping cart covers with straps - and the straps are key because Macy is a tiny peanut and needs the extra help sitting up.

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  1. yay on 14 months with no issues and news regarding your book! can't wait to read the post on MD Anderson's blog!

  2. Tess and I have to eat gluten free, so it is sooo exciting the GP is making it cool. Cheers to good health!

  3. Hip hip hooray for the epic news from your Dr appt. Long live the thrifting queen! Love this series...dare I say I like it more on GFT vs BBV? There, I just did say it. :)


    1. Ha! I took advantage of your inbox while you were gone last week. I'll look forward to seeing it!


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