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I've lived in Houston now for 2+ years but I've still technically been a Chicagoan as Danny and I own a place there. Now that we're selling our condo in Chicago (speaking of which, would anyone like to buy a condo in Chicago?) I'll be losing my Chicago-cool-person status.

I make a version of the following guide for my TX friends anytime they travel to my former home and now I'm sharing it with y'all while I still have some Chicago credibility. The following are all things you should do. The only thing not listed on here is buying my condo. One of you should do that. Pronto. We need to offload the place. K? Thanks.

Piece - In the heart of Bucktown. I've eaten here (take out included) over 100 times - which I'm equally proud of and embarrassed about.
La Scarola - Danny's and my favorite date place. Super small house converted into a restaurant.
Carnival - Latin food and the ambiance is way cool. Another good date place.
Twin Anchors - a neighborhood place. I put this on here really for Danny because it's his fave. The atmosphere is good but ribs is their forte and that's not necessarily my fave entrée.

Seek - A West Town Vintage store that took roughly 33%of my yearly income when I lived in Chicago.
Dovetail - This West Town Vintage store another 33%.
The Tshirt Deli - my brother makes fun of me about this place because there was about a 3 year stage in which if I bought someone a present, it was from here and only here.
Eskell - My sister from another mister works here! I've yet to visit because her gig is relatively new but it's my first stop on my next trip.

Koko-rokoko - A sorta random, weird vintage store that is awesome.
Topshop - Topshop is everything and I think this Michigan Avenue store is the only physical location in the USA besides NYC??

Activities/Things to Do
Architecture Boat Tour - The one touristy thing that you should do. I think I've been a total of three times. If I remember correctly, they serve cocktails!
Ravinia - Just a quick Metra train ride away to the coolest concert venue ever. It's BYOP - bring your own picnic.
Hard Pressed Training Studio - Ask for Dan. Tell him Megan sent you. He'll know what it means.
Stroll down Damen Avenue in Bucktown - A huge stretch of boutiques, bars, restaurants, and other good stuff.
Stroll down Armitage in Lincoln Park - Ditto.

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*Photo source - here
What did I miss friends? What are some other Chicago gems?


  1. I am not from Chicago, but one of my trips there sent me to Lincoln Park. There we went to 1154 Lill Studio and custom made our own purses. It was a cool experience. I see that there is a store in Chicago too, but I still like the original.

  2. I wish I had been reading your blog before I went to Chicago for the first time last year! I didn't do any of the things you listed (except TopShop, of course). Next time I will definitely check back here before I go! I loved it so much there!

  3. My favorite part about Piece is that the takeout is called Piece Out :)
    I'd definitely recommend a visit to Big Star for tacos, and Alinea for fine dining if you're made of money.

  4. Oh my glargh! Avec. Tango Sur. Pequod's pizza. Friggin Lula Cafe in Logan Square. That Chinese place on Broadway in Lake View called "Yummy Yummy," but just for the irony, because it is neither yummy nor...yummy. Floriole. (The owner was trained at Tartine in San Francisco! Their baristas have underground names for drinks! SO DELICIOUSLY PRETENTIOUS!) Liar's Club. Carol's Pub. Sometimes Zara.

    Weeping in delight,

  5. Oh, and SRSLY? Link to the condo. Will send to my cousins who have been "thinking about buying" for three years, see if it pushes them over the edge.

    Also, added to the list above: the stench and sounds of desperation at the 4 a.m. last call at The Beaumont.


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