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Last Night's Book Signing

Last night's book signing at Langford Market was a success in my book. (Get it? Book humor guys. It's funny.)  I hardly took pictures because I was too busy gabbing but here are the few I did take! 

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My husband, Danny, and me.

Because Danny's not a huge champagne enthusiast, he took it upon himself to make the signing BYOB. His classiness is one of the things I like best about him.

Here's my dear friend Lucy (who you guys know from here, here, and here) with Miss Macy.
Lucy brought tons of friends who I hope by this point I can call my friends as well!

Monica from Classy and Fabulous surprised me by coming! She's so sweet as is Miranda from Shop and Twirl!

Me and Ms. Roxy from Grr Fiesty

My friends Anna and Michael were also in attendance. Fun fact -  Anna is a medical resident and well on her way to being able to write me prescriptions. Keep plugging along Anna - you're almost there!

Left: Julianne Agno (who some of you might remember from speaking at the Houston Blogger Symposium and her bf, DJ Johnny Moon, who rocked the Symposium Holiday Party!) Love them!   Right: Just The Assistant and her husband


Thanks to Langford Market by having me and thanks again to everyone who came!!! You guys wore me out though - I'm going to take a nap now!

Sweet Dreams,



  1. yay! i will send you my picture tonight. i TOTALLY forgot that i had a tiny little gift for you... :)
    wish i could've stayed longer!

  2. I think I forgot to tell you last night that your dress was FABULOUS! So good to see you last night!

  3. WHERE can I get my hands on that dress? I love it!

    1. I think I got it at Macy's a while ago. It's Free People. I'll see if I can find it anywhere for you!


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