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Marriage Proposals


Sunday's season finale of The Newsroom ended with a proposal that exploded my heart. (And my twitter account. I may have sent multiple tweets, all versions of this.)

The act of proposing is a controversial one in my house. Mostly because that bastard husband of mine never did it. (Though he did do this.) Not to say Danny and my courtship wasn't a romantic one. It was the most romantic, whirlwind, powerful feeling I ever experienced. We both knew, immediately upon meeting each other, we'd met our spouse which is an exciting, comforting, and scary feeling. Especially since Danny had been recently divorced and I'd recently been engaged to my college boyfriend. It was bad timing but then again maybe it was perfect timing.

Because of those experiences, neither of wanted any pomp and circumstance in regards to a wedding. (That's not to say Danny couldn't have secretly proposed in the privacy of our own home with like a puppy or something! I've always thought a puppy would bode well for a proposal! You could put the ring on the collar!)

When we started dating, Danny and I said we'd get married over Memorial Day weekend, which at that time, was 9 months away. When Memorial Day started to creep up on the calendar we basically started planning our wedding by buying the rings (all three of them at once), booking the venue, and sending invitations to our immediate families. (It was an elopement of sorts.) Read about it here.
Danny maintains that he is still going to propose to me, one day, when I least expect it. WHATEVER DANNY! Until that happens I'm going to live vicariously through Will and Mack from The Newsroom - and my other all time favorite proposals that I've curated for your viewing pleasure below.

Mary & Matthew from Downton Abbey


Jim and Pam from The Office

Monica and Chandler from Friends

Another great proposal story? Read this post by a fellow Houston blogger friend of mine, Julie, from Prosecco and Plaid.
What other great proposal scenes am I forgetting about? Pleae leave them in the comments below. I'll add them to this post -  plus I want to gang bang Danny's inbox with them.

P.S. COME TO MY BOOK SIGNING TONIGHT!!!!!!!! Danny will be there. You can help me convince him to propose to me.


  1. I love Trevor's proposal to Roxy on Army Wives as well as Jeremy's to Tanya on the same show :)

  2. Jim and Pam is by far at the top of my TV proposals!

  3. Love this post!! Is your book tour coming to Atlanta anytime soon??? I'd love to meet you!

    1. Maybe!? Would your bring your friends? =) I have a friend in Hotlanta!

  4. Jim and Pam!!! Another one of my faves is Mer and Der from Grey's Anatomy when he proposed in the was so touching, heartfelt, and very true to their relationship (I love them).

  5. OMG SUNDAY'S EPISODE - I CRIED. CRIIIIIIIED. And that ring... jesus.

  6. So much to say about this post. First of all, my husband didn't propose either! Whenever I'd tell people we were engaged they'd grab my hand and feel really bad afterward because I didn't have a ring. But after we'd been married a year he did get down on his knee with a ring and thank me for being his wife.
    Second - totally get the instant love deal! We were engaged after dating 4 weeks. Just celebrated our 11th year wedding anniversary :)
    Third - my sweet husband is TAKING OFF WORK EARLY SO THAT HE CAN COME TO THE BOOK SIGNING tonight! What!? Please be prepared to sign his Android or something.
    Fourth - so looking forward to buying the book tonight!
    Okay I think I'm done...

  7. Omg, I'm in love with all of these proposals!! As a crazy hopeless romantic, I'm obsessed with this stuff! My all time favorite is the finale from When Harry Met Sally. It's not a proper proposal but romantic nonetheless. And sadly I watched One Tree Hill way too long, so Julian's proposal to Brooke was another favorite of mine!


    P,S. Tell Danny to hurry up so we can all hear about it! ;)

  8. Very cool -- it's amazing to hear how imaginative some people can be.

  9. Why have I never heard of this show? I love that actress. I'm going to need to look it up.
    After having an engagement broken off, I am bitter about proposals/marriage in general. When the time comes for me, I am going to pull a you and Danny and elope as well.

  10. Ahhhhh Pam and Jim. The best ever. I can't wait to hear about how Danny does it ;]

  11. Sweet proposal here~~~> You Tube! Search "Spencer's Home Depot Proposal" You'll be glad you did! ♥

    My husband proposed and it was so very amazing! So amazing in fact that he takes me back to the same gazebo every fall! :)


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