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Ryan's Proposal Playlist

This weekend was a special one for my family. My brother, Ryan, proposed to his girlfriend of almost 10 years, Julianna. I’ve known Julianna since 7th grade. We were best buds in high school and college and even roommates when we lived in Chicago and shared a Bucktown apartment. 

Ryan and Julianna post proposal
My brother is a more serious and earnest human being than me. Very unemotional. While I love people like Jay Z and Alexa Chung - his rockstars are more Warren Buffet and Charlie Rose. So for him to conceive and successfully execute the “take your breath away” proposal that he did, it made the experience that much more magical for everyone involved.

Because Ry and Jules are such private people, I won’t go into the details of their proposal. I, on the other hand, am clearly lacking that gene and am prepared to tell you that on the night of their engagement I celebrated so profoundly and passionately that I may have thrown up.

Me and my cousin Kim, pre puking incident
The following playlist is the one my brother curated and incorporated into his proposal.  I’d never heard of Ben Rector before this weekend but within that last 48 hours I've become his biggest fan. Hopefully he likes 32 year old moms that can’t hold their champagne.

Big congratulations to Ryan and Jules. I love you guys so much.



  1. i just love you and your honesty :) sounds like it was a very successful evening, can't wait to give this Ben Rector a listen!

    1. i feel so cool right now that I know about a musician that you haven't heard of. that's like a major moment in our friendship. =)

  2. Ben Rector is one of my favorites. I finally saw him live this last fall and he didn't disappoint. LOVE.

  3. Ben Rector is amazing! I'm loving these tracks so far. Also, that pic is too cute!



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