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Dehydrated in Austin, Texas

It's a tradition in my extended family to go on a trip for your 30th birthday. You may remember Anne-Marie's bash in New Orleans or my brother's bash who creatively choose  New Orleans as well. Last weekend my cousin Jess turned the big 3-0 and not only did she not make me go to NOLA (there's nothing to eat in the city - everything's covered in Old Bay) she choose to ring in her next decade of life in the great state of Texas. (Austin to be exact.)

 Merry Christmas to my family who will all be receiving these amazing plants/planters from  
Plaid Pigeon this year. Not only are they EVERYTHING (pics don't do them justice) but affordable as well unless of course my family is reading this in which case they're super expensive. Please return the favor. Thanks.

I was going to photoshop me and someone I hate in this right picture but I couldn't think of anyone, which I suppose is good. I think Nick Cannon is ultra annoying but not enough to go to the trouble. I considered political figures - Hitler or Kim Jong Un. ISIS was on my short list of contenders but I was scared I'd then end up on their short list and that'd be stressful. Other possible candidates include; any TSA officer, the cop who is responsible for my current enrollment in defensive driving, and for some reason Alton Brown from the Food Network irks me. 

Chris Pratt - I'm talking to you. Have you guys seen this Chris Pratt clip? My boo so funny.

It's been a while since I expressed myself through dance. I woke up the next with extremely sore thighs (so much dropping it like its hot!) and a sizable bruise on my right boob - though that wasn't from the dancing but the agile way I choose to get into my bed that night.

Overall, it was a great weekend. Keep it up ATX and happy birthday Jess.



  1. YES!!! Perfect weekend. Where are we going next year?

  2. Hello, what are those pretty pink drinks? TIA!


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