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In terms of having kids people always tell you "it goes fast" and you're like "yeah right, whatever". Turns out those people, whoever they are, were right because Macy's 1st birthday is in 9 days! (Also, crazy? This time last year I still had no idea I was about to have a child and was gallivanting in NYC for Fashion Week.) 
If you know the story of Macy and Nicholas, it won't surprise you that these two will be having a joint birthday celebration. The theme for their soiree is "barnyard bash" which will be executed with bails of hay, bandanas, boots, and live animals. (a.k.a Booker.)
The invitations for the party were designed by Sarah McKeon of Bluebonnet Press because, and you can quote me on this, Sarah is the shit. (See below.)
So cute, so perfect!

Even the envelopes are cute and cohesive with the barnyard theme.
I met Sarah as she was a contributing creative for the BHLDN styled shoot that we participated in earlier this year. The coolest thing about Sarah's work is that everything is custom. If she makes you super cool wedding invites, rest assured that no bridezilla biatch will ever have the same ones. Plus, her invites are letterpress. And incase you didn't know letterpress = classy. Be classy, okay guys?

Plus, they're delicious. 
Keep Bluebonnet Press in mind next time you need an invitation. Sarah is really talented and she'll elevate whatever affair you're trying to tackle. Check out her site here!


  1. Cool invitations. Macy will be their #1 sales baby. She's adorable!

  2. Those invitations are seriously the cutest! I will definitely be bookmarking her site!


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