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There have been a lot of milestones of my Texan-ness in the last five years of living here. Some that come to mind include going to the rodeo, owning Kendra Scott jewelry, and being able to name drop friends thats work at either Chevron and Exxon Mobile. (They are made up friends but still.)

Most recently, however, I've crossed a huge achievement off the list in terms of being a classy Texan woman which I will tell you about now.

When I was moved to Texas a lot of people told me to join the Junior League as a way to meet people. They explained to me that it was just like a college sorority but less partying and more charity involvement. (What?! That sounds awful!) Plus, based on Emma Stone's experience in The Help, Junior Leagues girls are THE WORST. Not to mention racist and mean to Jessica Chastain.

All this to say that I didn't join the Junior League. (Not that I be allowed to after that paragraph.) But I have, ladies and gentleman, done something eerily similar. I, wait for it,  joined a "host committee". (Feel free to applaud.)

I, Megan Elizabeth Silianoff, and am on the host committee for Picnic in the Park, an event taking place this Thursday that raises funds for Houston's homeless population. If it sounds like I'm bragging about what a good person I am, it's because I'm bragging about what a good person I am. 

What all is involved in my host committee duties? Well, your pretty much looking at it. I'm supposed to invite "all my friends" but I don't have that many friends and the friends that I do have are already going and the ones that asked me to be on the committee in the first place.

In fact, my friend, Andrea Stewart (pictured below) is actually chairing the event with her husband so that's impressive. 

One of us is going to heaven and one of us not. 

So here comes your call to action. Come to Picnic on the Park on Thursday night. You can buy your ticket here. There'll be food and music and dancing. This is a picture from the event last year and it looks super fun. 

Still not interested? No worries, there's a secret alternative option to help the homeless. Babysit Macy so I can go! That is something that still needs to be arranged.

Tickets won't be available at the door (metaphorically speaking, it's outside so there is no door) so buy them now here. Tell them Megan referred you. They'll be surprised.



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